Thai Airways launches its Phuket – Hong Kong flights and to sponsor many events in Phuket

16 November 2009 – Phuket Governor Vichai Praisa-ngob presided over the opening ceremony of Thai Airways’ press conference on November 13th at Central Festival Phuket. Thai Airways Manager on Phuket Mr. Chanthad Srininta, President of the Association for Hotels in Southern Thailand Mr. Methee Tanmanatrakul, Phuket Tourism Association’s Vice-President for Marketing Mr Phurit Maswongsa, The President of PPAO Mr.Paiboon Upattising, private sector and presses took part in the event.

Mr. Chanthad Srininta expressed his thanks to Phuket residents and their neighbors for a good support throughout 50 years. Though they had to face many crises, Thai Airways proved themselves to the world that they are capable to handle it well. They are proud to be a part that help Phuket’s tourism industry to flourish.

In year 2009, Thai Airways has served over 3 million passengers that counts more than 50% of total number of passengers using Phuket Airport.

Recently Thai Airways has just launched flights between Phuket and Hong Kong effective from October 25, 2009.

Thai Airways plans to support many events to be held in Phuket at the end of this year and coming year to attract more travellers. Those are Andaman Travel Trade 2009 on November 26-29,   Laguna Phuket Triathlon on December 4-6, Central Festival Phuket New Year Celebration 2010 from December 4 – February 16, Balloon Festival on December 18-27 and Phuket International Blues Rock Festival on February 26-27.

As well, Thai Airways has developed its Phuket-based website to service information, booking, online check-in etc.

For further information you may call 076-360444 daily 08.00-17.00 hrs.


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