Finding Suitable Accommodation for Rent in Sathorn is a Problem

Finding Suitable Accommodation for Rent in Sathorn is a Problem

Most business people in town for less than a year, and travelling with their families, have trouble finding suitable accommodation for rent in Sathorn. The Sathorn area of Bangkok is the most desirable area to live for business people. It’s the financial and commercial centre of the city. Most of the multinational corporations are based in this area. It also features a number of quality international schools, many shopping choices, restaurants and entertainment options to explore.

But for people travelling with a large family who are stationed in Bangkok for less than a year, finding suitable accommodation for rent in Sathorn presents some problems. Most of the accommodation for rent in the area offering multiple bedrooms are either private houses or apartments. And both require signing a year’s lease and paying a hefty deposit. Leaving before you’ve lived there a year often means you lose your deposit.

Most Serviced Apartments Offer a Hotel-like Lifestyle
The other obvious option for Sathorn accommodation for rent are serviced apartments. But many large families have trouble finding serviced apartments with enough bedrooms to suit their needs. Even if they find a serviced apartment large enough, the apartments rarely offer a comfortable, home-like lifestyle. They often are owned by companies that also own hotels. The ambience of these apartment complexes resembles hotel life because these companies assume this represents a superior lifestyle.

These apartments also rarely offer much in the way of outdoor facilities. They will provide a pool, often on a rooftop, and maybe a small kid’s play area, but they don’t offer a place where kids can run around, kick a ball, and enjoy the sunshine. Kids may feel cooped up by these hotel-like serviced apartments and become irritable and unhappy.

A Much Better Option in Sathorn
But Sathorn has accommodation for rent that feature a comfortable and home-like lifestyle, with the convenience of a serviced apartment. Bangkok Garden offers two, three and four-bedroom spacious apartments for rent in the heart of the Sathorn area. The complex is located in the city’s largest private garden. It features over three acres of lush, tropical gardens, pathways, expansive lawn areas and a covered playground where your kids can play for hours rain or shine.

The complex is surrounded by walls that provide a safe and secure oasis in the city protected by round-the-clock security guards and CCTV. For active families, Bangkok Garden also offers two large swimming pools, a jogging track, fitness centre, basketball court, table tennis area, Jacuzzi and sauna.

There’s no need to leave the complex walls to grab a bite, enjoy a cup of quality coffee, or pick up some groceries. Bangkok Garden has four restaurants, two convenience stores, two coffee shops and even a beauty salon within the walled grounds.

Before you choose a sterile and hotel-like serviced apartment where you’ll have to spend months on end, check out the comfortable and home-like, spacious serviced apartments in the extensive tropical grounds of Bangkok Garden. They offer a welcome solution to the problem of finding suitable accommodation for rent in Sathorn.

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