Soi Rommanee – a stand still small valley in Phuket Town

When you think about Phuket, you may think about the beautiful white sandy beach, clear crystal sea water, island trips, seafood cuisine, the famous Chalong temple, luxury accommodations, and so on.

How many of you who thinks of Phuket Town? The unique ancient town where you can easily discover the past by just only take a look at the architectures, buildings, and atmospheres.

If you are one of those who never forget to think about Phuket Town, I’ll introduce you a place where you shouldn’t miss if you were here. Welcome to Soi Rommanee.

From Phuket historical records, Soi Rommanee was known as the alley where everyone knew that it was a street brothel. That’s why it was called ‘Rommanee’ (Rommanee in Thai is happiness, and I’m sure what does this happiness mean, don’t you?).

The buildings in Soi Rommanee are affected by colonial and Chino-Portuguese architects.

Nowadays Soi Rommanee is changed. The buildings were colored beautifully. Coffee shops, guesthouses, souvenir shops, are left.

This is one of the most romantic valleys in Phuket Town.


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