Book a Siam Hostel in Bangkok

Book a Siam Hostel in Bangkok

Travellers who are visiting Bangkok for the first time should book a Siam hostel in Bangkok. The Siam area of the city is close to a major public transportation rail system called the BTS Skytrain that provides easy and convenient access to all the sights and attractions that Bangkok has to offer.

The Siam area of the city also is a vibrant, and colourful in its own right, offering plenty of restaurants, entertainment places, and shopping malls. It’s a mecca for the young people of Bangkok. The ‘Siam area’ refers to Siam Square, an approximately four-block-square area with shops and eateries that caters to the tastes of students from the nearby Chulalongkorn University.

It’s the presence of ‘Chula’, as it’s known to students and residents, that serves as the reason for the younger and trendier leaning of shops and attractions in the area.

As the area grew and developed, other residents of the city grew fond of the variety of both the small shops and large shopping centres. The fact that that the Siam area also is the major transfer point between the two lines of the BTS Skytrain is a significant factor in its growth and popularity. The Siam station is one of the busiest stations of the entire BTS Skytrain line.

Convenience of a Siam Hostel in Bangkok

For first time travellers to Bangkok seeking hostel accommodations, booking a Siam hostel in Bangkok provides you with a wealth of conveniences and options in transportation, shopping, entertainment and dining.

The BTS Skytrain is interconnected with the two other rail systems of Bangkok, the MTR and the Airport Express. By taking advantage of all three of these modern, air-conditioned, rail transit systems, you may avoid the expense and hassle of taking a taxi or shuttle bus altogether during your visit.

Using the BTS Skytrain and the MTR provides you with easy access to the most famous historical and well-known attractions and sights in Bangkok.

The Airport Express and the BTS Skytrain can together get you from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to your Siam hostel in Bangkok and back again quickly and efficiently.

Shop ‘til You Drop
With all the money you’ll save by not having to take taxis and shuttle buses to get around the city, you’ll be able to pick up bargains in the shops in and around Siam Square. The area has three huge malls and tons of shops to choose from. Siam Paragon. Siam Discovery and MBK are shopping magnets in Bangkok.

For high-end goods of all kinds, head to Siam Paragon. Siam Discovery Centre represents more of a mid-priced destination for shopping. And for a wide selection of discount shoes, leather goods, electronic accessories and clothing, MBK is well worth spending a couple of hours investigating.

Booking a Siam hostel in Bangkok allows you to walk to all of these shopping destinations. After a day of shopping, stroll around the streets of the area and choose one of the eclectic and delicious restaurants to introduce yourself to the magic of Thai cuisine.

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