Senate’s Tourism Committee to promote Phuket Old Town as a good tourist attraction

phuket old town

On July 29th 2010, Thanyarat Atchariyachai, the chairperson of the Senate’s Tourism Committee, and its committee members, visited Phuket Old Town area including Thalang Road, Romanee Lane, and Phang Nga Road. The committee plans to promote Phuket Old Town as a good tourist attraction on the island. Therefore they needed to survey and collection information about the area to use in promotion development plan. The committee was welcomed and given related information by Somjai Suwansupana, the Mayor of Phuket City Municipality.

Thanyarat said that Phuket City Municipality had been developing Phuket Old Town to be a local cultural and lifestyle tourist attraction. Consequently, the Senate’s Tourism Committee had invited the Mayor of Phuket City Municipality to be a member of the committee in order to suggest the appropriate ways to develop Phuket Old Town to the committee.

As one of Phuket-born residents, Thanyarat said that she would like to promote and develop the old town to attract more tourists to Phuket. In the past, there were maybe up to 6 million tourists coming to Phuket each year, yet few of them came to experience local lifestyle and culture in Phuket Old Town. She added that the development would be performed following the opinion of locals. They would be the ones who help determine development direction in their hometown.

In addition, Mayor Somjai said that the municipality and related sectors had been providing many projects to develop the old town. The most recent project was placing cables underground on Thalang Road.


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