Sarasin, the bridge of love

What’s the first sign to notice that you are stepping into Phuket?

Well, if you traveling by plane, you may say “the scenery view of the island just before landing at Phuket International Airport”.

What if you traveling by car to get to Phuket, what’s the first sign to notice you?

It would be Sarasin Bridge, the only way to get to Phuket by car.

You may wonder why I mention Sarasin Bridge. Is it important to know about the only way to get to Phuket by car? Actually it’s not important if the bridge is just only a normal bridge but the bridge comes with legend, especially legend of love.

Flash back to February 22nd, 1973 @ Sarasin Bridge, love tragedy was existed.

Young couple tied themselves with Thai loincloth, and jumped off the bridge. Even though the couple can’t hold their last breaths up until the end, but their love story remains the same.

The love tragedy originally starts with Dam-a young man local bus driver-who falls in love with a lovely Teachers College student, Gew. Dam is only a guy who earns very little, he lives from hand to mouth while Gew was born in a wealthier family.

It wouldn’t be a real tragic love if Gew’s father didn’t judge their love.

Gew’s father dictated his daughter’s life by not allowing her to think and act freely. He wanted Gew to be married with a rich guy, not poor man like Dam. But Gew and Dam didn’t’ give up. They were trying to make her dad understand what their true love is. On contrary, dad hated what they have done. He sometimes detained Gew inside the house, for worse, he hit her like a slave, not a beloved daughter as she supposed to be.

Even thought Gew’s father was too blinded to see a glory of his daughter’s love, but not in villagers’ eyes. Some of them have convinced Gew’s father, but he never ever once listened to what they’ve told. He still wanted his daughter to get married with a rich guy.

It’s like a sweet bitter love novel. No it’s not. It’s a REAL true love story.

Sometimes I feel like fate is just a joke.
Something wants them to fall for each other while someone wants them to fall……….apart

It’s hard to imagine about what they were thinking before they made up their minds to committed suicide.

…..lost & insecure…..but everlasting love…..

p.s. the bridge on the way out of Phuket is the old Sarasin Bridge, the bridge where young couple decided to ends their love story

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