Rawai City Municipality to open “Kohkeaw Pidsadaan” for tourism

Rawai City Mayor, Aroon Solos said that Rawai is a potential area to support tourism since it provides many attractions such as Phromthep Cape, Racha island Lohn island, Rawai beach, Naiharn beach, to name a few. These are best known attractions. However, Rawai stills have a place called “Kohkeaw Pidsadaan”where people are acquaint with but never visit.

Kohkeaw Pidsadaan is a small island located 3 kilometres away from the south of Phromthep Cape in Moo3, Rawai Sub-district, Muang, Phuket.

Rawai Municipality has a plan to develop the island to be another visiting point with the idea to promote its unpoiled nature and two Buddha Footprints left on the stone.

The nature on the island is untouched by any development especially along the shore that has been assigned to be an animal sanctuary. The area is reserved for animal to live and be protected so some endangered animals can be seen here.

Rawai Municipality in the past has supported the island’s tourism by budgeting footpath and stairway construction, will make billboards explaining the history of the island and the Buddha Footprints to visitors.

As well, Rawai Municipality is now considering to hire a consulting company to study the possibility and feasibility of the cable car project connecting between Phromthep Cape and Kohkeaw Pidsadaan. Expected to use 30 million baht for the study, the project belongs to the 3 year development plan 2011-2013.

To travel to Kohkeaw Pidsadaan, take a long tail boat at the pier on Rawai beach. It takes about 5-10 minutes to reach. The time charter rate will be 700-800 baht per trip.


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