Racha, the island where no worries can reach you

Yes, it is. I admitted that I can find no anxious during the time I stay at a 5-star resort where located at the most beautiful island in nearby Phuket. Yes, I talk about my precious time, 2 days 1 night at The Racha.

Just 12 miles south of Phuket and 30 minutes away from Chalong peir, there is a place where I can say that it’s a paradise on earth, a place where stress and worries aren’t allowed to follow you (or maybe you unconsciously drop it on the way to the island).

I do remember the first step on the island, warmly welcome from guest service officer awaits us (me & 4 friends) at the jetty and escorted us to the resort.

We met Khun Bea, Marcom Executive of The Racha, she volunteered to walk around and introduce everything in the resort to us. I personally like her. It feels like sister was telling a story of the island, explaining every detail in almost every perspective to her younger sister.

After finish walking around the resort, it’s time to take a rest and feed my stomach with a scoop of “Gerado’s Gelato” ice cream before a fine night dining with GM, Khun Gerard Tan.

We took a great photo shoot here in front of the white sandy beach. Can you guess what shot did we take? No? OK, I tell you right away. We took a jump shot! I bet you once did it, don’t you?

When a scenario of the sun touching the horizontal line existed, it was a time for us to get ready and meet Khun Gerard. He’s a good-humored 53-year-old man who prefers to speak Thai more than English even if he’s a Singaporean. We had great conversations during having dinner and I myself enjoyed singing Karaoke in ‘Ice Bar’.

…..and time rapidly flies by…..

A new day has come, voice of nature was waking me up while my temptation was calling for a deep breath of sea breeze in a bright sunshine morning. I can’t remember the last time I wake up early but that day I made it again. It’s worth indeed.

After finish breakfast, we walked up hill high to see a gorgeous view of the island, then visited many nearby beaches including Ao Siam and Ao Thue. Every beach is obviously beautiful and sea water is clear as crystal.

…..and again-as always-especially when we feel good, time rapidly flies by….

It’s time to go back where I leave from, back to Phuket.

When I reached back to Chalong pier, I realized that The Racha left me something. Something I call ‘good memories’, something ‘recharges my battery’, something I can ‘rewind over and over again’.

Thank you Khun Gerard Tan, Khun Bae, The Racha Resort, staff, friends, and everything

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