Phuket’s tourism recovery seen in 2010

President of Phuket Tourist Association saw a good sign in Phuket’s tourism industry in coming 2010. A plan for market expansion has been shaped.

Mr. Sonboon Jirayus, President of Phuket Tourist Association said number of tourists coming to Phuket dropped for 25-30% in 2009. However a slow recovery seen in 2010.

Tourism growth in November – December, especially for European market, is not mature yet. The situation is expected to back on the track in the end of December considering room occupancy rate which is almost 100%.

More directs flights to Phuket help stimulate tourism industry. Phuket Tourist Association also plans to look for more markets in the region. Focusing on those who located within 5 hours flying time so that travellers can have a trip all year round.

Australia becomes an area of interest to bring back Phuket’s tourism.


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