Phuket Tourism Association president believes PM’s roadmap would help Phuket tourism

Somboon Jirayus, the president of Phuket Tourism Association, personally commented that the five aims of Prime Minister Abhisit’s roadmap, he presented with the hope to reconcile with the UDD or ‘red shirts’, would help to make the situation in Thailand better. He mentioned that the solution the PM chose was creative and it led to good feedback from foreign investors and hope for the country’s peace.

He said that a lot of businesses were affected by the political conflict, therefore if the protests in Bangkok can be stopped, he believed that all the businesses would recover in the short term. It would also consequently assure tourists of their safety when coming to Thailand and Phuket.

Somboon further informed reporters that after attending a road-show in Korea and China held by Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO), he found that many tour agents and people in those countries stall wanted to travel to Thailand but they were obstructed by their government warnings. He was confident that after the protests in Bangkok ended, more tourists from all over the world will be back in Phuket and other parts of Thailand as before.


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