Phuket Kathu Waterfall, beautiful oasis in the jungle

Only four kilometers away from Kathu District Office, you will discover a small size waterfall (if compare with Bangpae and Tonetrai waterfalls) named ‘Kathu Waterfall’.

If you visit Kathu Waterfall in summer season, you may find nothing but rocks in humid jungle. This waterfall will has its real waterfall only in rainy season (at the end of the year).

On the other hand, Kathu Waterfall is obviously important to more than 200 households in the area. The villagers in Maireab and Baan Sikor communities consume water from this Kathu Waterfall for years.

Kathu Waterfall runs through old mining area Sappasamit and Bangwad Dam. The waterfall always substitutes water supply in Bangwad Dam when needed.



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