Phuket International Airport revenue collection decreases 10%

28 August 2009 – Director of Phuket International Airport-Pratueng Sornkam-unveiled the higher revenue collection of Phuket International Airport, compare to the last period.

He as well announced the Phuket International Airport third-year-plan. Those include expanding apron spaces.

“We expected 12.5 million tourists will come to Phuket in 2013 and we hope to expand more apron spaces for 21 airplanes,………, if compare the amount of hotel rooms in Phuket to apron spaces, 21-airplane spaces are enough for 50,000 hotel rooms.” said him.

He admitted that the airport business units were affected by recession problem but there will be turn about 15% up at the end of this year.

Phuket International Airport now has 58 airlines and will have 7 more airlines from both European and Asian countries within this year.


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