Phuket Fresh Spring Roll

What is food court in your mind? I know you may think of a plaza of common area within a facility that is contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining. And you can find it easily in shopping malls or airports.

And food courts must consist of a number of vendors at food stalls or service counters. Meals are ordered at one of the vendors and then carried to a common dining area.

What if we add “local” before “food court”? Then what do you now think about it? What do you think about food in “local food court”? What do you think about “local food court” in the most beautiful island named Phuket?

Don’t want to waste your time because would like to guide you to Phuket local food court in Phuket town. We are going to introduce you one of the famous dishes; Phuket Fresh Spring Roll.

“Phuket Fresh Spring Roll” or “Poe Pia Sod” in Thai is Phuket local food. It was affected by Chinese Hokkien. The owner of a small Hokkien restaurant (where located at the intersection of Debuk Rd and Yaowarat Rd in Phuket town) shows us how to cook Poe Pia Sod. He puts small pieces of Chinese cabbage, a little of fried yam bean, a little of bean sprouts, and 3 slices of bar-b-q pork on fresh rice paper. Then pour dipping sauce into a serving dish.

Actually Poe Pia Sod is a simple dish that you can easily find anywhere in Thailand. But with his secret dipping sauce ingredients, Poe Pia Sod Phuket is one of “the must” you should try.

There is no official name for this local restaurant but local people call it “Poe Pia Sod Siam”. The restaurant opens daily (except Tuesday) from 11.00 am. -17.00 pm.

If you come to Phuket, don’t forget to try Poe Pia Sod. Two thumbs up!

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