Phuket Carnival 2009 lights up Patong

Yesterday at Patong’s football field, Phuket Governor Vichai Praisa-ngob presided over the opening ceremony of Phuket Carnival 2009 which was scheduled to begin on 15  to 20 December, 2009.  

The carnival consists of many parades from both government office and private sector such as a parade campaigning for global warming, a parade for road accident prevention, international cultural performances, for an example.

The event drew a lot of attention for public and tourists.

Enjoy concerts and shows after sunset till late every night during the event.


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  • VDO at

    The Phuket Carnival at Patong 2010 is now on to spice up the festive tourist mood.
    A four kilometer long fancy-costume procession going along the Patong beach road or Thawewong Road on Tuesday evening signaled the beginning of the festive ‘Patong Carnival 2010’ held by the Patong Municipality, the provincial authorities and the Phuket Tourist Association to welcome tourists for this high season in the Andaman region. The parade was appreciated by some thousands of tourists -Thais and foreigners. The one week event was announced opened by Phuket Governor Wichai Praisa-Ngob who hoped that it would signal Phuket’s friendly readiness to welcome tourists and that the local operators act as good hosts for visitors. Visitors can enjoy great varieties of booths with local & international food and premium quality products from across Thailand. Entertainment, which includes cultural shows and music bands, are also on stage every evening. The carnival will go on until Sunday December 20th.

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