Phuket Airport got 10.3 MB for the immigration checkpoints expansion

29 October 2009 – Phuket Airport was budgeted about 10.3 million baht to improve the passport checkpoints at the immigration control. 8 passenger lanes will be added to the passport checkpoints for a total of 30 lanes for incoming flights. While 18 lanes for out going will expand to 20 lanes. The addition is expected to better handle passengers during the high season.

The contractor has already started  work now, with the project to be complete in March 2010 due to the contract.

Currently Phuket Airport serves up to 80 flights a day, a 11% increase over the previous year. However, in the budget year 2009-2013 Phuket Airport will gets 5,700 million baht for airport expansion to be able to accommodate up to 12.5 million visitors a year.


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