Phra Thong or Phra Pud Temple

The myth of Phra Pud (or Phra Thong) is one of Phuket famous histories. Picture the big Budha image rises upon in Phuket oldest temple while the legend of mysterious begins. It’s a half Budha image!

Once upon a time, there was an unexplained story about Phra Pud Temple. At that time, in Thalang district, a thunder storm and flash flood hit Thalang area, attacked rice fields and other agricultural products.

After the dark storm comes, the bright sky exists. The son of a farmer father tied his buffalo to what he thought was the brushwood, then went back home.

That night, the boy passed away.

Another morning, the father went to where his son tied a buffalo. Guess what he has found?……..a dead buffalo!

The father was afraid of what had happened to his son and buffalo. He was quickly cutting the rope and buried a buffalo. Later that night, the father dreamt about the death of his son. He died because of tying a buffalo at the golden peak of the Buddha image’s conical cap.

Later morning, the father and his neighbors went to where his son tied a buffalo and dig up the holy statue but had no success. Then villagers pour water and polish the holy statue. They finally found scared object underneath.

Thalang city ruler noticed the news of new founding holy statue. He led his troops to dig it up, but unfortunately found a swarm of bees instead of scared object. Surprisingly just only ones who dug a statue were bitten!

Years go by, a pilgrim from Sukhothai province visited Thalang and a holy statue. He was afraid of thieves and burglars to steal a statue. He finally made a decision of building up a temple in this area due to his concern of losing a treasure of Phuket. Villagers had faith in his idea of preserving Phuket treasury. They named him “Luang Por Phra Pud”.

HM King Rama VI, as a crown prince at that time, once visited Phra Pud Temple. The crown prince named a temple “Wat Phra Thong” (Phra Thong Temple).

If you come to Phuket, I do suggest you to visit our culture, beauty, and history of Phuket through visiting “Wat Phra Thong”.

Wat Pra Thong is located north of the traffic light on the outskirts of Thalang. A large sign shows the entrance. Only few minutes form traffic light. Wat Pra Thong is on the right.

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