Escape to the magical faraway world of Palazzo Phuket

Palazzo PhuketWould you like to get away from your daily routine? Forget about the monotony of everyday life and enjoy an evening of unique experiences? Escape to the magical faraway world of Palazzo. Palazzo is Phuket’s finest hotspot for a great evening out.

Palazzo PhuketEnjoy a superb five-course dinner and marvel at the breathtaking, world-class entertainment. The Chefs will bring you Palazzo’s culinary experience. Allow them to indulge your senses with Mediterranean cuisine with Asian flavour, while you enjoy the romantic setting and an evening of spectacular performances.

Palazzo is theatre for all the senses! The event includes theatre, cuisine, acrobatics, comedy, magic and illusion, and whisks visitors away to an enchanted world, far from the harshness of everyday reality. Guests experience Palazzo to be an enjoyable leap into the unknown; a mysterious, sensual and in particular unforgettable experience.

The Palazzo scouts have been searching around the globe in order to bring you a new, stunning, hilarious and spectacular cast for the new show; and they succeeded!

Dmitri Pronin, who is the host for the evening and opens the show, is an opera singer from Australia. Dmitri is a world class actor and singer. His work experience extends simultaneously in a number of directions, including opera, film, theatre circus and musical performance.Palazzo Phuket

Svetlana, one look at her and you would think Marilyn Monroe had risen again. She has perfected the blonde bombshells mannerisms; she’ll stun everybody with her agility. This amazing acrobat performs to the songs of the great Hollywood diva with grace and elegance.

Aerial Silk is a modern circus art that impresses audiences worldwide. Palazzo Phuket will be no exception with Ann wrapping herself into knots to pose, drop and slide. Her positions look almost impossible; she then suddenly plunges towards the ground in a dizzying and death-defying roll.

Originating from the traditional Chinese Circus, Zhao Kun has performed to audiences worldwide during her long and successful career. She performs the most amazing tricks with elegance and ease.

Andrea is a modern take on the original circus clown and he is not scared of making a fool of not only himself but also his audience. A strong and powerful character that becomes tender and defenceless in simple real life situations.

Vladlen is an International Magic Festival Award winner, he will impress with his various styles of magic including comedy, close up, pick pocket and his unique version of fire eating.

Mambo Jumbo is an acrobatic group originating from Africa. Their stunts include limbo dancing, chair balancing and fire tricks. A true example of street performance comes to Palazzo Phuket.

Victoria, a German performer, is living proof that full figured women can have rhythm in their blood. This voluptuous lady will amaze you with a Hula Hoop routine of a very special kind. Her grand finale is a dance with more than 30 hoops spinning around her body.

Phuket Palazzo a spectacular show you’ll never forget!

Palazzo Phuket


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