MV Logos Hope to dock in Phuket Deep Sea Port in August

MV Logos Hope
MV Logos Hope

Phuket Deep Sea Port will welcome the MV Logos Hope next month for close to a fortnight, with the ship due to share more than 5,000 books with locals.

The organisers describe the vessel as the world’s largest floating book fair, measuring 132 metres in length.

MV Logos Hope It will begin its stay in Phuket on August 17th and stay there until August 28th 2011, when it sets sail for Penang in Malaysia, where it is set to remain for around one month.

The last time the team visited Phuket was in 2006, when they arrived on the MV Doulos, a ship that was half the size of the Logos Hope.

But the occasion does not only offer books, as there will also be a series of cultural events scheduled.

It has not been confirmed how much visitors will be charged, but in 2006 it was just ten baht (20 pence).

The book fair will be open from 10:00 to 19:00 local time from Tuesday to Saturday and between 14:00 and 21:00 on Sunday and Monday.

It is organised by OM Ships International, which aims to use its resources to spread educational and Christian literature around the world.


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