Metered taxis in Phuket

Previously, we have no authorised taxi service in Phuket. Instead, there were an illegal taxis  called “Black Plate Taxis” in Thai. More and more black plate taxis year after year make the group stronger. They gathered together to call for registration. Phuket Governor at the time and Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office acknowledged it and allowed them to register as a privately owned taxi. Red and yellow are assigned for them to use.

Phuket’s Metered Taxi Association was established thereafter in 2004. They began service in Phuket town besides the airport area. The service continued just a short period though. “Since there are industry mafias in Phuket, the competition is very strong. We, taxis had face a lot of loss and no one could help us” said a taxi driver. “We therefore had to stop service in downtown area.”

Now Phuket has a total of 68 registered taxis providing transportation service only between Phuket International Airport and Phuket town.

Phuket’s Metered Taxi Association calls 076 – 202171

Taxi fare according to the distance. Limit for no more than 5 persons in a trip.

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