Taking a long stay vacation to Phuket

Taking a long stay vacation to Phuket

If you’re thinking about making a permanent move, taking a vacation or perhaps working remotely for a few months in Phuket let us help you find the best possible ‘home away from home’ with our top tips for choosing a condo for rent in Phuket.

As real estate agents are oft-heard saying, when it comes to renting or buying property, the most important factor is location, location, location! And nowhere is that truer than on the tropical island of Phuket. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to live and what nearby – schools, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, entertainment venues, restaurants, supermarkets, beaches, etc. – facilities you require, different parts of the island will suit you more than others.

Let’s jump in and take a look at five popular and well-known districts on the island.

1) Patong
As the most iconic beach area of Phuket; this bay is chock full of housing options and entertainment. From fresh food markets and go-go bars and water parks and mega malls, there is not much Patong can’t offer residents. The main attraction, of course, is the beach, a gorgeous spot for relaxation, water sports and partying. If you want to reside in an entertaining area that has something to do 24/7, this is the spot for you!

2) Kamal Beach
This quaint bay is known as an area of relaxation and serenity. In the shape of a horseshoe, with powdery white sand, blue water, little or no waves and surrounded by lush mountains, this is a gem of a spot to call home. Kamala is often chosen by people who intend to spend a long time on the island and are seeking a comfortable condo for rent in Phuket. Kamala is conveniently located on the mid-section of the West Coast, with easy access to other parts of the island.

3) Phuket Town
Oft rejected by visitors as it’s not near the ocean, Phuket Town is a hidden gem. On the one hand, it is not an expensive area, so staying here won’t break the bank. On the other hand, it offers a wealth of cultural and culinary attractions. The town is full of colourful, eye-catching Portuguese shophouses. The town is a perfect mix of old and new, bursting with funky hotels, cafes, galleries, shops, temples and museums. There is also a weekly street market and regular events held here (i.e., Songkran, Chinese New Year).

4) Rawai Beach
Rawai Beach is a stunning location on the southern tip of the island that’s renowned for seaside dining. People come here to eat, but not stay, so the area is not overly busy or touristy. This slice of paradise is full of charm and serenity, plus breathtaking ocean views. This is not a high-end area, but it is comfortable and quiet. Rawai is the main departure point for boat trips to the nearby islands – Lon, He, Mai Thon, Racha Yai, Racha Noi, Phi Phi – making it an ideal base for boating, fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts.

5) Surin Beach
This lovely place is regarded as the most luxurious spot on the island. Indeed, it is known locally as “Millionaire Row”, because of all the $USD 1 million houses that line the foothills of the mountain overlooking the Andaman Sea. The areas boast some truly stunning beaches, replete with fine sand and turquoise water; it’s the dream island local. Sadly, affordability is not a word that springs to mind here. But if you can afford it, this is one postcode you won’t regret moving into!

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