Kata Karon ready for Chuan Chim Rim Lay Festival

Kata Karon ready for Chuan Chim Rim Lay Festival

On September 23rd, 2020 at Klong Bangla Park, Karon Beach Phuket – Karon Sub-district Municipality Organize a project to stimulate tourism in Karon sub-district after the COVID-19 crisis, “Kata Karon Chuan Chim Rim Lay”. The event honoured by Mr Narong Jaeksiw – the Governor of Phuket as a presided over the opening together with Mr Thawee Thongcham – a Mayor of Karon sub-district, Mr Somprach Prabsongkram – Subdistrict Phuket City District Sheriff, Mr Itthiporn Sangkaew, Mr Sompong Dabpetch -Deputy Mayor of Karon Sub-District, Member of Karon Subdistrict Municipality and Kata-Karon people.

Karon project for after the COVID-19 crisis, Tourism Project, “Kata, Karon Chuan Chim Rim Lay” and including “the Creative Youth Band” music contest held on 23-27 September 2020 at Klong Bangla Park, Karon Beach. There are up to 90 seafood-shops that provide a cheaper price such as lobster starting from 300 baht each. In this event, you can watch shows of local culture. Also, there is a concert from Thai famous singers Kam – The Star and Dome – The Star.

For your convenience, Karon Sub-district Municipality has arranged a parking area at Nong Han Park with a shuttle bus, free of charge.

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