Get to know “Gift”, Marcom Manager of Millennium Resort Patong had an enlightening chat with Patsada Sathacharoen or Khun Gift, Marcom Manager of Millennium Resort Patong, Phuket

Phuketindex: Please tell us some more about yourself
Gift: I’m Patsada Sathacharoen but you can call me Gift. I graduated from Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus with a degree in Hotel Management.

P: What about your working experience?
G: I used to work in Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast in F&B field. I was a PR of one seafood company in Australia and a PR of my friend’s modeling company. Then I came back to Thailand and started working in a different line of work.

P: So, how’s a different?
G: Well, actually it was different from I used to work but the same as what I had graduated. When I came back I decided to work in hotel management and started working in marketing and PR fields.

P: What was your first job in Thailand?
G: I had a chance to work in marketing department at Novotel Suwannabhumi.

P: Then?
G: Then I came to Krabi. I worked in Sofitel Krabi as a Marketing Manager. And after that, I came to work with Millennium Resort Patong, Phuket as a Marcom Manager until now.

P: Flash back to university time, why did you choose to study in Hotel Management?
G: I think it’s quite good to learn everything from the bottom to the top line. I know a property operation, financial control, marketing, F&B, and even how to serve food.

P: It’s a good major indeed.
G: Of course, I do agree. It made me know features of each position in hotel management field.

P: What’s Hotel PR in your point of view?
G: Some people think PR is a person who dresses beautifully and do nothing but walking around the hotel. But actually it’s far different from that. PR is the representative of the hotel. Before I, as a PR, do anything, I need to make sure that I’ve got the right information and confirmation from my boss (GM). More than that, I need to make sure that I didn’t clue anything about the hotel to competitors during the interview [laughing her].

P: And what’s marketing?
G: For me I think marketing is creativity. I’m now working as a Marcom. I have to apply both Marketing & PR together which is good for me.

P: As a PR, you can’t work from 8-5. How do think about this?
G: I only can guarantee when I clock in but of course I can’t tell you when I clock out [laughing her]. I know it’s not easy to be a PR but I know how to handle with it.

P: How?
G: I have to balance it. I turn exhaustion into energy.

P: Who’s your idol?
G: I do admire my first boss, Jean Paul, the GM of Novotel. He’s straight forward and very active.

P: What would you do when you have free time?
G: I love archery and every extreme sport.

Thanks Khun Gift for her time. Hope she enjoys working and living in this beautiful island.


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