Germany’s ambassador visited Phuket

3 November 2009 – Yesterday afternoon, Germany’s ambassador Dr.Hanns H. Schumacher met Phuket Governor Vichai Praisa-ngob at the city hall. The main topic of the meeting is about to strengthen a relationship between Germany and Phuket.

Dr.Hanns H. Schumacher wants Phuket to provide a good help to German tourists or expat residents.

Governor Vichai said Phuket has an intention to help tourists from every country. Whenever happen a police case involving a foreigner, it will be reported to his office and continue to the diplomatic missions for best possible solution that will not harm more than 150 years relationship of the two countries.

Ambassador Dr.Hanns H. Schumacher flied from Bangkok to Phuket this time also suggest a quarterly meeting of the key diplomats for all tourists and expats problems.

The Ambassador revealed that to remain a good relationship, more tourists and investors will come to Phuket.


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