Found close relationship between Tong Yong Su shrine (Phuket) and Ming Ying Su shrine (Malaysia)

Vice Mayor of Kathu City Municipality, Atthapong Janrattanawong gave a warm welcome to Dato’ Seri Stepen Yeap Leong Huat and a group of visitors from Malaysia visiting Phuket and Tong Yong Su shrine in Kathu District on October 5, 2009 at 2.30 pm. The Vice President of Thai Peranakan Association, Pranee Sakulpipat was a guest speaker.

“Tong Yong Su shrine has over 100 years of history which is surprisingly so similar to Ming Ying Su’s in Penang of Malaysia. The two shrines were the place for Ang Yi’s (Chinese Secret Societies) gathering in the past, a place for Chinese to keep their ancestors’ bone ash and also a place for people to make a votive offering in many important circumstances.” said Atthapong.

“The municipality plans to promote the shrine as a cultural tourist attractions and to build a closer relationship with Penang’s Ming Ying Su shrine in the future” added vice mayor.


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