Visit an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Visit an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an organization with three locations in Thailand. One of them is an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai. If you’re in Chiang Mai on holiday or even on a business trip, take some time out your visit and make an appointment to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. It will be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary organization rescues elephants, both young and old, from abusive situations and working in the tourism industry all over Thailand. They provide them with a safe and loving, natural environment in which they can live out their lives in peace and safety.

From a Life of Work to a Life of Leisure

When these abused and overworked animals arrive at the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, they’re given a thorough medical exam. Any medical problems they have are addressed. Once they’re healthy enough to join the elephant community, they’re released within the nature park to live a life of complete leisure for the rest of their days.

The elephants quickly adapt to the realization that their working days are behind them and they can begin to enjoy socializing with other elephants, foraging for food and bathing in the river that flows through the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai.

Visitors are Welcome and Encouraged

Visitors provide the means to care for these magnificent animals. Without their support, the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai couldn’t continue their valuable contribution to elephant conservation.

The elephant’s welfare takes priority over the visitors. There is strictly no elephant riding allowed. But guests are encouraged to play with the elephants, feed them and bathe them as well.

An Educational Experience

At the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, there are specially-trained, English-speaking guides who can accompany you on your visit and explain all about the elephant’s needs and daily routines. They also explain why the sanctuary has become a permanent elephant conservation solution in Thailand.

Spending a day or overnight visit at the sanctuary can open your eyes to the problems these gentle and magnificent animals are facing. With the modern world encroaching on their natural habitat and elephants still being forced to work in the tourism industry, nature parks like this one are the last sanctuary of Thailand’s elephants.

Several Options for Your Visit

The elephant nature park in Chiang Mai has several options for visiting the elephants. Daily visits are divided between mornings and afternoons, giving each visitor half a day with the animals. If you want to spend the whole day with them, that’s also an option.

There is also an option to spend an overnight visit to the park. With each visit option, two Thai buffet meals are included. Free pickup and delivery are also available from your hotel or residence.

They also have an EJS Care Project Volunteer Program, where you can help the elephants even more. This program is project-based, meaning every project is different. It focuses on assisting elephants in the local community and the people who care for them.

Experience the wonder and fulfillment of visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary on your next visit to Chiang Mai.

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