A Riverside Dog-Friendly Hotel in Bangkok

A Riverside Dog-Friendly Hotel in Bangkok

There is a beautiful hotel right on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok that provides travellers with an extra feature that not every hotel in Bangkok offers to their guests.

The Ibis Bangkok Riverside hotel is a dog-friendly hotel in Bangkok. You can now bring your best friend along with you when you go on holiday. No more anguish and guilt feelings at the sight of them, sadly watching you leave for an exciting holiday. Make their day by bringing them along on your adventure.

Part of the Family

At Ibis Bangkok Riverside, they understand that your dog is just as much a member of your family as you are. They’re loved and taken care of, so why shouldn’t they accompany the family when they go on holiday?

The hotel’s expansive grounds by the side of the Chao Phraya River is the perfect place to take a walk with your furry friend and enjoy the sunshine you both watch the river traffic pass by. There is plenty of room on the grounds of the hotel to toss a ball for your little friend to retrieve and enjoy a bit of exercise as well.

Maintain Your Dog’s Mental Well-being

Every dog owner knows all too well how loyal and loving a dog is with its family. The sensitivity of dogs is also well-known. By bringing them along on holiday to an exciting and beautiful place, you reinforce their place in the family, and they’ll love you even more for it.

A dog’s mental health can suffer when it’s deprived of the people it loves. When a family takes off for a holiday, it can be the worst experience for a dog. But at this dog-friendly hotel in Bangkok, every dog can now enjoy one of the best experiences enjoying a holiday surrounded by the people it loves.

Great Hotel for People as Well

Of course, the Ibis Bangkok Riverside is a great holiday destination for dog owners as well as dogs. This family, as well as dog-friendly, hotel in Bangkok, is located right beside the Chao Phraya River, offering spectacular views of the city.

The hotel provides five different comfortable room types to accommodate singles, romantic couples and families. It features two beverage and light snack venues as well as their restaurant ‘Taste’. Taste features a nightly riverside buffet dinner with a delicious spread of both Thai and international foods including cold cuts, salads, soups, side dishes, a carving station, seafood and range of mouth-watering desserts to top of your meal.

Enjoy light snacks and your favourite beverage while you relax by the pool and watch the world go by. Enjoy drinks as well in the lobby bar and plan your daily excursion along with your trusty four-legged friend.

Enjoy the Warmth and Service of Ibis Bangkok Riverside

With such a family and dog-friendly hotel in Bangkok, you’d expect to find a warm and friendly place to spend your holiday. And you’d be absolutely right.

This hotel provides warm and friendly, ‘Thai-style’ service to every guest whether they’re on two legs or four. Enjoy your next holiday at the Ibis Bangkok Riverside.

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