Chill out @ Sukko

What do you do after 5 pm? Where do you go when Friday night is arrived? And where do young people in Phuket go out at night?

Have you ever wondered where do they (or us) hang out at night?

If your answer is, “YES, I wonder where do they go”, I suggest you to go straight to Yaowarat Rd. especially on Friday or Saturday night. Then you will finally discover the answer.

Flash back to 2 years earlier, Yaowarat Rd. was only a history road to visit at day time. Nowadays it’s changed-little by little-to be the place for Phuket night life.

Who light up Yaowarat Rd.? Who wake it up at night?

I’m pretty sure that “Sukko” is one of many factors that flip this road into another page.

“Sukko” is a famous local pub and restaurant located in Yaowarat Rd. and I can say that it’s the first few restaurants open around here.

Pum, one-of- five owners, told us the origin of Sukko;

“My friends and I had an idea of opening a sit and chill style restaurant. We finally chose Yaowarat Rd. because it’s simply, unique, and beautifully fits our genuine idea. Then we decided to rent this unit and renovated in some part. I think Sukko is our own home and do want anyone who comes here feel like they’re at their own place.”

I personally like the idea of the owners. They just do what they like and happy to share their happiness with everyone. Above all else, their uniqueness is to bring a good point of Phuket classic ancient and blend with lifestyle in today’s age.

Live music, food & drinks, friends, laughing, night life, and everything under words of “joyful” can be found here daily from 19.00-24.00 pm.

p.s. Sukko = joyful in Thai

Special thanks: good music, nice atmosphere, and of course Khun Pum

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