Video & photos: Changing Colours of Chalong Pier – pretty as a picture

Chalong PierI filmed the changing coloured lights all the way along the Chalong Pier in south Phuket, as they look really nice reflected in the calm waters, giving off a glowing warm fuzzy feeling, as we enter the cool but celebratory season, from the Loy Krathong Festival, through His Majesty the King’s birthday, Christmas and New Year holidays to Chinese New Year.

Khun Paiboon Upatising, the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation’s president, told Phuketindex that the lights are switched on from sunset around 6pm to midnight each day, and cost about 10 million baht. He didn’t tell us how many months they will be showing but we hope all year round, as they are attractive to both those on the land and on boats approaching the pier in Chalong Bay.

Anyway, I also took some other panoramic photos here as the views are always interesting, with lots of boats with their divers, fishermen, sailors, and tourists, while some joggers and walkers like to exercise with their families along the pier, while the Bay and background of islands and hills are a photographer’s or painter’s delight, especially at sunset or sunrise with the changing light.

The PPAO are also building a public marina on the south side of the pier, and it will be interesting to see how it develops and whether it really brings in even more boats to formally register on arrival in Phuket, making it even busier.

Just one request though for the PPAO – please only allow quieter, slower and eco friendly vehicles to drive along the pier to create a more relaxing, safer and cleaner atmosphere. According to the PPAO forum administrator, they are buying two new cars/buses next year, so let’s hope they make a good choice.

Chalong Pier

Chalong PierChalong PierChalong Pier


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