Central Festival Phuket, Not just a shopping centre

Central Festival PhuketCentral Festival Phuket is known for being the island’s best shopping centre. However, it’s also increasingly becoming known as one of the island’s best food centres. With a recently increased overall space of 53,000 square meters, possibly a quarter of that space is dedicated to food. There are now three dedicated areas within Central Festival that give shoppers a chance to dive into delicious international cuisines whether it be Japanese, Italian, Western, Asian and of course, Thai.

Central Festival PhuketOn the first floor is the Central Food Hall. Taking a walk around this 3,500 square meters area is an experience in itself, and determining what to have for lunch is nothing less than a daunting task you’re faced with. A quick browse around reveals an astonishing array of nothing else but food and more food. This is the home to the best known fast food chains as well as stalls offering local delicacies. There an abundant amount of ice cream parlours and cafes and many eateries where you just can sit relax and enjoy a light snack.

Set in the centre of the shopping complex on ground level is Central Festivals Dining Circle & Lan Lom Bar. This outdoor restaurant and bar area provides visitors with an alfresco dining & bar circle where they can indulge in modern international restaurants and bars with a 360-degree panoramic view.

Central Festival Phuket

The third floor offers possibly the biggest area and food option, the Family Food Area. Within the mall Central Festival Phuket reflects the Thais’ delight in international cuisine. Here you can find tasty Thai and yummy Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Western fare. Also within the third floor is the Food Terrace, here you can go local and enjoy authentic local and Asian dishes. Clean, quick and tasty, this is the bustling venue of noodle vendors & quick rice dishes. Favourites include: Pork Leg and Rice, Pad Thai, and Hainan-style chicken. Although the main seating area is inside amongst the hustle and bustle there is also a large terrace which overlooks the central Lan Lom Bar area which makes for a lot quieter dining experience.


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