“Baan Kub Khao” The Local Kitchen will be open on this JULY 25

“Baan Kub Khao” The Local Kitchen will be open on this JULY 25

PHUKET, THAILAND: JULY 25 2020 – The Local Kitchen (Baan Kub Khao) is now open at Blue Tree Phuket, Cherngtalay offering authentic local Thai food at affordable prices.​

The Local Kitchen supports 3 fundamental pillars; young chefs, local farmers and the community. ​

Blue Tree’s new Local Kitchen will offer a program providing an opportunity to develop and empower young chefs to follow their culinary passion. Furthermore we specialize in cooking with locally-produced ingredients, which boosts the market demand for local farmers and their products. The goal is to offer healthy, tasty, sustainable local food to the community!

“Our number one mission is to support the community during this time of need. We open this outlet and invite our local community to enjoy local, authentic thai food with affordable pricing while supporting our local farmers at the same time. We are delighted to be able to provide training and an opportunity, to those youth that wish to start a career in the culinary field.”
– Michael Ayling General Manager.

About Blue Tree Phuket:
Blue Tree Phuket is a spectacular new leisure and entertainment destination that provides exceptional family-friendly facilities. Set over 56 acres of land on Phuket’s west coast, this integrated destination features an amazing array of amenities, including the signature four-storey Tree House Restaurant & Beach Club, a multi-faceted day and night dining experience, a fitness centre, kid’s club, walking and jogging trails, multiple retail spaces and F&B outlets, all surrounding a huge 17,000-square metre lagoon, providing a playground for family-friendly and adrenaline-fueled activities. Blue Tree Phuket also has sustainability in its DNA, having been designed and developed from the ground up in line with deep environmental principles. Website: www.bluetree.fun

For media enquiries, kindly contact;
Kittikhun Songprasert, Assistant Marketing Manager, Blue Tree Phuket
Mobile: 085-970-0076
Email: kittikhuns@bluetree.fun


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