Blue Crab Promotion at  Takieng, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Blue Crab Promotion at Takieng, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Blue Crab Promotion
Blue Crab Promotion

On March 3, 2015 team was invited to visit Takieng, Thai cuisine restaurant at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. This March 2015 the restaurant is proud to offer a special Blue Crab Promotion, after test the menu we found that it is amazing menu and have very good taste. We do not forget to ask about the recipe of blue crab menu for you.


Blue Crab Promotion
Poo Nueng

Poo Nueng
Blue crab (3 crab) 750 gr
Lime dressing 50gr
Garlic 15ml
Fresh chili 10gr
Thai corainder root 10gr

1.    Preparation fresh blue crab and cleaning
2.    Steam crab about 4 minute
3.    Preparation sauce and chopped garlic, Thai coriander root and fresh chili put in the lime dressing
4.    Time cooking about 10 minute

1.    Sweet basil leaves
2.    Lime slice


Blue Crab Promotion
Gaeng Poo Phuket

Gaeng Poo Phuket
Blue crab (2 blue crab) 500gr
Phuket noodle 30gr
Red curry 15gr
Kaffir lime leaves 5gr
Sweet basil 5gr
Coconut milk 120gr
Fish sauce 25gr
White sugar 10gr
Salt 5gr

1.    Preparation 2 fresh blue crab / 1 crab cut half and cleaning
2.    Preparation Phuket noodles soak water about 1 hr. and take it out
3.    Warm cooking pot and put some red curry
4.    Put coconut milk and crab until cooked and then put kaffir lime leaves, sweet basil, red chili slice
5.    Seasoning with fish sauce, salt and palm sugar
6.    Boiled noodle about 1 minute and add a little fried garlic
7.    Crab curry and noodles separated to served
8.    Time cooking about 15 minute

1.    Sweet basil
2.    Coconut cream reduction


Blue Crab Promotion
Poo Phad Naam Ma-kham

Poo Phad Naam Ma-kham
Blue crab (2 Crab) 500gr
Tapioca flour 25gr
Tamarind sauce 60gr
Fish sauce 15gr
White sugar 15gr
Lemongrass 10gr
Garlic 5gr
Shallot 10gr
Sweet basil 10gr
Dried chili 5gr

1.    Preparation 2 fresh blue crab / 1 crab cut half and cleaning
2.    Warming cooked oil
3.    Prepared crab put a little tapioca flour
4.    Bring crab to deep fried about 3 minute
5.    Preparation tamarind sauce and put some lemongrass slice, shallot slice and chopped garlic
6.    Seasoning with fish sauce, palm sugar, white sugar
7.    Put cooked crab in the sauce with sweet basil leaves and red chili slice
8.    Top fried shallot
9.    Time cooking 15 minute

1.    Spring onion
2.    Thai coriander
3.    Fried shallot


Blue Crab Promotion
Som Tum Poo Mar

Som Tum Poo Mar
Blue crab (1 crab) 250gr
Green papaya 60gr
Peanut 10gr
Dried shrimps 5gr
Tomato cherry 15gr
Garlic 5gr
Fresh chili 5gr
Green bean 10gr
Lime dressing 30gr
Fresh vegetable (for side dishes) 40gr

1.    Preparation 1 fresh blue crab / 1 crab cut 4 piece and cleaning
2.    Steam crab about 3 minute and cooling in the colder water
3.    Preparation papaya salad and mixing with cooked crab served with fresh vegetables
4.    Time cooking 10 minute

1.    Cucumber slice
2.    Tomato
3.    Green bean

Let cook the menu or if it too difficult, am sure that it is easier to try the menus at TAKIENG restaurant at Mai Khao Beach, trust me!!!

Contact information
Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa
555, Moo 3, Mai Khao, Talang,  Phuket 83110 Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 76-363999
(Takieng restaurant open time : 6pm – 10.30pm)
Blue Crab Promotion


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