Australian Ambassador said more Australians are travelling to Thailand

On July 16th 2010, Wichai Priasa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, was visited by Mr. Paul Grigson, the Australian Ambassador in Thailand. The Australian ambassador went to say farewell to the governor as he was going to finish his posting in Thailand. He also gave thanks for helping Australians in Phuket in many cases such as the Aussie Pub mat incident and Jet Ski accidents. He really appreciated that Phuket had set up Jet Ski Insurance to solve illegal Jet Skis in the area; meanwhile he commented that Phuket was more peaceful than Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand.

Additionally, the ambassador revealed that there would be about 50,000 Australians coming to Thailand in August and by November 2010 there would be about 70,000 asking to come to Thailand, now increasing with the more direct flights into Phuket. He thanked Phuket people for good cooperation to maintain peace and safety in Phuket.

The Governor added that the Australian Ambassador also asked about the Tsunami Warning System. For this issue, he replied that Phuket now has 19 warning towers ready to emit a siren any time and will conduct tsunami warning drills frequently


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