United World College to Open in Thailand – Education Like No Other

United World College to Open in Thailand – Education Like No Other

UWC01Phuket International Academy is due to join the UWC movement, a worldwide network of 15 prestigious schools and colleges. The school will be known as “United World College Thailand” (UWCT) from August 2016, becoming the first and only UWC in Thailand.

Nelson Mandela late honorary President of UWC said; “The striking feature of the United World Colleges is that they embrace the entire world .. They are unique and they are conscious of their responsibilities.”

Founded in 1962 in the United Kingdom, the aim of the UWC movement was to bring together young people from areas of post-war conflict to act as champions of peace through an education based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding. Through its innovative and challenging programmes, UWC aims to inspire students to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

To quote Her Majesty, Queen Noor of Jordan, current President of the UWC movement; “The goal of our educational movement is not simply to produce educated young people but also to nurture activists for peace and future leaders who can help resolve the challenges within their own societies and contribute to building bridges between communities and cultures within their regions and throughout the world.”

Julian Whiteley is the current Chief Executive at Phuket International     Academy, and former Head of School at United World College of      South East Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore
Julian Whiteley is the current Chief Executive at Phuket International  
  Academy, and former Head of School at United World College of   
  South East Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore

Each of the United World Colleges around the world share a common vision and values and are committed to ensuring that as many students as possible experience a UWC education regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. The aim is to create a deliberately diverse community in each school that represents a microcosm of the world, thus fostering international and intercultural understanding.

Khun Chamroen Tipayapongtada, Governor of Phuket, comments; “I am very proud on behalf of Thailand that Phuket has been selected as the location for the United World College Thailand. UWC is known to be the best school organisation in the world. We look forward to welcoming hundreds of international students and visitors who will make a tremendous impact on our local and national community.”

Every year in excess of 1,000 students are selected by UWC National Committees based in over 150 countries and awarded scholarships to attend one of the schools or colleges. Scholarships have been offered to Thai students since 1976 during the term of then prime minister MR Kukrit Pramoj, who recognised the benefits and importance to Thailand of being part of UWC and appointed the first National Committee of Thailand.
UWC03 UWC04By bringing together such a diverse group of engaged and motivated young people from across the globe, UWC is able to provide a transformational educational experience that no other school can provide. United World College Thailand will accept 25 such scholars into Grade 11 this August.

The UWC movement has long been at the forefront of international education and over the years has played a significant part in the development of the world-renowned IB Diploma Programme. With service at the heart of its Mission, UWC empowers students to become aware, able and active change agents in their communities; locally, regionally and globally. Through meaningful action, students are able to put their ideals and values into practice, cultivating their compassion and serving others.

Ms Metinee (Lukkade) Kingpayome, celebrity and actress, is a parent at Phuket International Academy, and said; “Edward and I moved from Bangkok to Phuket to join Phuket International Academy because of its wonderful philosophy and its approach to Social Emotional Learning & Mindfulness, as well as the Thanyapura Sports & Health Centre situated next door. We never dreamed that this school would become a UWC.”

Patrons of UWC movement: Queen of England, Queen of Norway, King of Netherlands. Past president includes the Prince of Wales.

Julian Whiteley, formerly Head of the United World College of South East Asia, and now Chief Executive at Phuket International Academy said, “Having worked at UWCSEA, I am enormously proud of the fact that PIA will become only the second UWC in South East Asia, it is a very special place. The staff, supported by the school community, have worked incredibly hard over the last two years to achieve this.”

UWC Thailand is due to officially open in August 2016, and is now accepting enrollments.

For more information: www.pia.ac.th, www.uwc.org and www.ibo.org


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