The Taiwan Scholarship Program for Thai Students 2010

The Taiwan Scholarship is sponsored by the government of Republic of China (Taiwan). The purpose of this program is intended to enhance academic cooperation between Thailand and Taiwan.

Amount of Scholarships
The scholarships are jointly funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Total number of scholarships is 12 for 2010-2011 academic year.

(1). Undergraduate scholarships: A stipend of NT$25,000 (about US$780) per month will be provided for each Thai student who want to pursue undergraduate studies at university/college in Taiwan.
(2). Master and Ph.D. scholarships: A stipend of NT$30,000 (about US$930) per month will be provided for each Thai student who want to pursue master or Ph.D. degrees in Taiwan.

Scholarship stipends will disburse to recipients on a monthly basis. Recipients will be responsible for registration fees, tuition fee as well as their accommodation, round trip airplane ticket, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses.

Duration of Award
The award period for each study program varies as follows:
a. Undergraduate program: maximum 4 years.
b. Master program: maximum 2 years.
c. Doctoral program: maximum 3 years.
d. LEP( Language Enrichment Program: maximum 1 year.

For any combination of these study programs, the length of the total award for each recipient is a maximum of five years. LEP study must be undertaken in the first year, if it is to be included in the total award period of the recipient’s choosing.

Annual award periods are from September 1st through August 31st. If recipients fail to arrive in Taiwan to study during this period, their award status will be cancelled and cannot be extended for another year. If recipients begin studies after the semester/term/quarter starts, their award period will become effective from the month they arrive in Taiwan to matriculate at their individual universities/colleges/Mandarin training centers. Whether beginning in September or later, the LEP award period ends in August, although its length may be less than the specified maximum of one year. In terms of the actual award period for one study program, it will begin from the month that recipients arrive in Taiwan to matriculate at their intended educational institutions. All awards will end the month their specified award period is completed.

However, if recipients graduate, drop out, are expelled from institutions, or their scholarships are revoked, whichever comes first, the award will be terminated.


An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a high school graduate or above, have an excellent academic performance in his/her most recent formal educational study experience, be of good moral character and does not have any criminal records.
  • Is not an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national.
  • Does not have the status of being an overseas compatriot student.
  • Has never enrolled at any educational institution in Taiwan for the same level of degree or LEP that he/she intends to matriculate.
  • Is not an exchange student in accordance with any agreement of cooperation between an international university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan, at the time of receiving a Taiwan Scholarship.
  • Is not applying for a study program leading to the same level of degree as previously undertaken under the Taiwan Scholarship Program.
  • Does not have any revocation record regarding the Taiwan Scholarship Program nor from the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program.
  • Is not a recipient of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or at any other educational institutions in Taiwan.

Application and Selection Process
For application, applicants must send their completed documents to:
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
20th Fl., Empire Tower, 195 S. Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120
Tel:02-670-0200 Ext. 326

The application period is from March 1 through March 31, 2010. The application forms can be downloaded from website:

A complete application includes the following materials:

  • One copy of the completed application form.
  • One photocopy of applicant’s passport or other nationality certificates (e.g. Thai ID).
  • One photocopy of the highest-level diploma and a complete grade transcript. (Note: These documents must be authenticated by a Taiwan overseas representative office, if issued by international educational institutions.)
  • Supporting admission application materials (e.g. photocopy of application forms for language training centers or for a degree program at universities/colleges in Taiwan. The exact academic year that applicants would be enrolled as full-time students at these institutions must be clearly specified on these documents).
  • A TOEFL 550 Test Score report or any test scores that equivalent.
  • A copy of application form of taking the Test of Proficiency-Huayu (TOP-Huayu). The test will be held on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Please visit or call 02-6797137 for more information.
  • Application forms should be done on a typewriter or computer, and sent by certified mail. An application form without requested documents is illegitimate, and will not be accepted.

Selection Procedures: interview. Those who pursue degree studies will take priority of awarding scholarship.

Fore more information, please visit or


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