Spark your inspiration with Joe, Director of Design-Inbred.DP Co.

What’s Interior Designer in your mind? Is it something about getting the romantic concept, picking out colours, working with beautiful fabric, or being creative all day and night long?

Is it something like all I’ve mentioned? Uuum, I’m not quite sure whether it’s 100% right or wrong but I know one person who can give you this answer!

Here he is, Sanya Petchnil or Joe, Director of Design of Inbred.DP Phuket.

Please tell us something about yourself.
Joe: Since I was young, one thing I remember is I do love arts. I decided to chase my dream by studying in Applied Arts at Phuket Vocational School, then continued my bachelor degree in interior design in Bangkok.

What about working experiences?
Joe: After graduation, I have been worked in interior design for 2 years. Lucky me, I had a chance to meet Mr. Gan Chii Mon, CEO of Inbred.DP. I worked with him since then.

What’s your inspiration?
Joe: Inspiration is a basis of everything. Interior design always goes along with creativity. It’s attractive, challenging, and delicate. When I put myself into the work and it’s done, that’s what I proud of.

What makes a good interior designer?
Joe: Free your mind is absolutely needed for interior designer. You need to open mind wide and wider and of course allow yourself to think outside the box. You have to adapt the ideas with past, presence, and forecast future trend. It is about making the sale, organizing the details, making sure everything is perfect, and answering customers’ satisfactions.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the new generation who has a dream to be an interior designer?
Joe: Well, above everything, you need to have more patience. Do not afraid of hard working, problem solving, and do it for real. There’s no exact formula or even answer for interior designer. That’s why freeing your mind is the basis of everything. If your imagination is dead, you’ll sooner meet the end of all creativity.

As I know now, Joe lefts something to me. It’s not only good conversations but imagination to let go of creativity, to free my thoughts, and to think outside the box.

What about you? Does this guy left something to you?


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