Prince of Songkla University’s Phuket campus hosts ‘English for Communication’ training

On July 5th 2010, at Prince of Songkla University(PSU)’s Phuket Campus, Assoc. Dr. Methee Sanpanich, the Deputy Dean of PSU Phuket Campus, presided over the opening of ‘English for Communication’ training for Thai-native teachers and staff of private schools and in the Southern Education Service Area. This training was a part of the project called ‘Education Hub’ by the Ministry of Education.

The training is being held on July 5th-9th. There were 80 teachers and educational staff from private schools and Southern Education Service Area attending the opening.

Suphachai Sangpanya, the Dean of Faculty of International Study, said that the university cooperated with the Ministry of Education to hold this training with the intention to develop English communication skill of educational staff and teachers in the southern region. He added that the universities in other parts of Thailand also provided this training to educational staff and teachers in their service areas.


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