Press Conference to announce 7th Phuket Go Open

Press Conference to announce 7th Phuket Go Open

Press Conference to announce 7th Phuket Go Open On 12th June 2014 at Phuket Sports Association Office, Khun Soranan Sanae – Vice Secretary of Phuket Sport Association and Khun Shinawatra Udomniyom – President of the Go Phuket Club held a press conference to give details on the 7th Phuket Go Open being held on 14th June 2014 at Satree Phuket School.

The event will actually be divided into 2 phases: the first phase will be the training of the teachers in the rules of the game, .whilst students can learn about the skills needed to play the game. The first phase of the event was held for 10 days, from 4th – 13th June. A total of 2,600 students from primary and secondary schools and universities took part in the training.

The second phase of the event will be the actual competition which is being held on Saturday June 14th at the Mahogany room of Satree School. A total of 968 students are expected to take part in the competition at various levels.

At the press conference, Khun Soranan said the competition aims to give children and young people a chance to develop themselves in thinking skills, and an opportunity to do something useful with their spare time. It will also help to create good relationships and friendships of the children and student in school. He also said that playing in the competition here in Phuket will give the students a chance to represent Phuket playing Go at both regional and national levels.

Mr. Chinnawat thanked the Sports Association of Thailand and the Go Phuket Club for support for the event including the supplying of equipment, training and expenses throughout the past 7 years. He added that Phuket has created some of the best Go players who have gone on to represent the province and Thailand nationally and internationally. In addition, this tournament is a great opportunity to find talented players to train and promote and who can represent the national teams in the future.

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