PKRU & Ibaraki University hold Science Camp to raise Andaman village up

02 September 2009 – Japanese students, Thai students, teachers, and Maikhao villagers are surrounded among voices of Arigato Gozaimasu , Thank You, and Kobkhun.

During 22-29 August 2009 Rachabhat Phuket University and Ibaraki University had arranged a science camp of “Scientific Development for Andaman Village” with villagers in Maikhao.

“Flash back to 2004, after the great disaster Tsunami hit the Andaman coast, Prof. Ito from Ibaraki University had visited some of the victims here in Maikhao village. At that time, only grief, sorrow, and tears were all he found………

……….one year later, he came back to Phuket again. But this time something was changed. There was nothing as same as what he found in late 2004, no more tears or sadness left with victims’ families. They can bring smiles back to lives………

Prof.Ito wondered how they can heal themselves from mortal wound like this. How they can bring back lives. This is quite different from the Japanese people. When they face with a great sorrow, it’s pretty hard to retreat. Some of them might not lighten the deep sadness and painful for the rest of their lives.” said Assoc.Prof.Somchai Skultup, Social Psychology Professor at PKRU.

Due to this issue, a science camp is launched.

PKRU has been working with people in Maikhao village for years to develop their quality of lives. The villagers are quite familiar with students and teachers from PKRU, so, it’s easier to firstly organize a science camp of “Scientific Development for Andaman Village” here.

There were 4 teachers and 12 students from Ibaraki University while PKRU send 18 participants to join a camp.

The activities were divided into 4 groups;  Sea Turtles Preservation, Mangrove Preservation, Garbage Management, and Rice Farming.

Students from both universities had a chance to talk and share ideas with villagers about solving problems in their community, and of course exchange cultures.

Thai students showed Thai dance while Japanese students taught the art of Orikami.

Dean of PKRU Ass.Prof.Prapa Gayhee announced the achievement of this camp, “We all achieved the same goal. Teachers and students from both universities have a good chance to exchange information, ideas, and cultures to each other. And I’d like to thank all Maikhao villagers. Without you, we can’t achieve any goals.”


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