Phuket’s Orientation of New Teachers & Educators

Phuket’s Orientation of New Teachers & Educators

Phuket’s Orientation of New Teachers & EducatorsOn March 17th 2014, an orientation session was held at Sala Prachakhom Hall for new teachers, educators and staff of PPAO-run schools. The lecturing panel was led by Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising, and comprised of a team of PPAO executives namely Deputy Chief Executive – Chawalit Na Nakorn, Advisor – Boonserm Suwannarathaphoom, Council Chaiman – Pradit Saengchan as well as PPAO division heads and officials.

The orientation program aimed to familiarize 100 participating professionals with the working structure of PPAO, its main administrative work, welfare policy, rules and regulations concerning government officials. The approach used was one very much people-focused. Apart from attending lectures, participants had a chance to exchange ideas about education in general.

Phuket’s Orientation of New Teachers & EducatorsIn his lecture, Mr Paiboon told the new professionals, having successfully passed the entrance exams into PPAO, to be proud of working with one of the best provincial administration offices in Thailand. Phuket, he said, was awarded an education prize from the Ministry of Education and also a transparency award from the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. As PPAO takes a stand against corruption, he urged new staff members to adhere to this policy.

Mr Paiboon continued by saying that the good qualities of government officials are: hard working, commitment, inventiveness, honesty, loyalty, possessing people skills, and the ability to deliver work quickly and efficiently. He urged new staff to do their best and help those who need support and ended by wishing them well in their lives and careers.


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