Phuket brainstorms education reformation

Phuket brainstorms education reformationOn May 24th 2011 at Phuket Merlin Hotel, Mrs.Soodsi Pongsaman, Deputy Secretary to the Education Council, presided over a meeting to brainstorm ways to reform education in the 2nd decade (2011 – 2018). There were 500 teachers and school management personnel in attendance at the meeting.

The main points to be focused on in education reformation are: to provide children more opportunity to study, to develop and enhance the quality of education, to develop moral based curriculums, to develop an education system for teachers around the country, to promote participation of different sectors in education and to develop vocational education.

From this stage, the Ministry of Education will survey comments and opinions from educational personnel in different parts of the country and use them to reform the education of Thailand.


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