Minister of Education in Phuket for certificate giving talked about the education policies

7 September 2009, at Chalermprakiat Somdet Prasrinakarin Phuket School, Minister of Education Mr. Jurin Laksanavisit bestowed a certificate to 12 dedicated students who gave up on 15-year grant provided by the government and let them go to other privileged students. An honourary certificate was given to 15 sponsors as well.

“The government’s 15-year free education policy will be operated continually. The operation of this year will be evaluated for the improvement to ensure the quality policies for years to come,” said Education Minister.

Ministry of Education also organises “Tutor Channel On Air” for secondary school students (M.1-M.6) every Saturday at 10-12am on Channel 11 or NBT Channel.  Interested students can download class handouts or watch online at

The government’s school milk project previously distributes for children at the kindergarten and primary levels; P.1 – P.4 will be extended to all primary school levels. The budget for school lunch had just increased to be 13 baht. This will begin from the next semester. Government also encourage learning through computer. 17,000 schools all over Thailand will be budgeted computers with high speed internet installation so that the ratio of the student per computer will be 1 computer for 10 students.

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