Key Muay Thai Appointment at PIA Sports and Leisure Club

Open Day Workshop on 15 May, 15.00 – 16.30pm at PIA Sports and Leisure Club’s Multi Purpose Hall, free of charge to all.

Please email or call to book attendance or find out more information.

PHUKET, THAILAND – Phuket International Academy Sports and Leisure Club (PIASLC) has appointed one of Thailand’s most renowned Muay Thai fighters “Thanootong’’, Prasert (Nok) Intanoo, a previous national champion, to handle all instruction at the facility to introduce the skills and techniques of the ancient martial art.

The key appointment will be marked by a Muay Thai Open Day on May 15 where a workshop will be held at the PIASLC.

The open day will focus on teaching the basic and fundamental techniques of Muay Thai and Boxing, allowing participants to thoroughly understand the movements and philosophy before expanding on their newly acquired skills. The workshop will be held from 15.00 to 16.30 and there are no fees.

The move is a further example of the new Phuket-based facility ensuring top experts in their sporting disciplines work at the PIASLC in its bid to become a leading  sports and leisure facility in Asia.

Khun Prasert was a Muay Thai professional boxer for 15 years with an impressive 70 wins to his name, showing promise at an early age when he was national champion in the fly weight division at 17 years old.

He graduated from Taksin University in Songkhla Province with a degree in physical education and went on to work for the Marriott hospitality group for nine years as a Muay Thai instructor while overseeing wellness, corporate teambuilding and kid’s zone activities in his role as Recreation Supervisor. Khun Prasert is also a qualified Pilates teacher and personal trainer and certified by the Thai Yoga Institute as a teacher.

For further information, please call Nok on +66 (0)76 336 000 or email him on


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