Thannaporn – an impressive pupil at British International School, Phuket

british international school, phuket

“I intend to be the best and make myself and my family comfortable in the future. Success in life is my motivation to attend learning with endeavor.”

Thannaporn Taweepattanangkul
Thannaporn Taweepattanangkul

This quote belongs to a girl named Thannaporn Taweepattanangkul, aged 18, a year-13 student at the British International School (BIS), Phuket.

It is well known within the academic circles of Phuket that BIS students graduate to many universities worldwide. The school is like a tree which sprouts a new beautiful flower to show off to everyone who knows the cost and expense of higher education in international schools. It doesn’t only bring benefits of luxury accessories and promoting yourself in society; but also results in success at higher education. We guarantee these things do not happen in every institution.

Thannaporn is a good representative of BIS students for us. She is an example for readers to know the results of the British-style education system here at BIS Phuket.

Thannaporn was chosen for an outstanding academic performance award ‘Top of Thailand IGCSE – Chemistry’ with the highest scores in Thailand.

The BIS uses the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as its secondary level of education in order for students to study at international universities. Thannaporn now has to submit her results to leading universities in Thailand, England and Australia.

She has chosen to study at a Faculty of Medicine. She says her dream is to be a doctor, because it’s an important profession in society, complex & sensitive. It is also a duty which can help many people.

She knew she had to study hard at her subjects of Chemistry and Biology, to make her knowledge good enough to study in the leading medical institutions. After winning that special award, it has helped to make her a lot more confident about studying at university.

She suggests the way to success in learning is the “energy” used. Her meaning of “energy” is the focus on learning, good health and to keep developing your ability. These elements will contribute to effective learning. She also added not to forget the target from learning because this will be the motivation for study. For herself, success in learning will bring love for work and bring joy to her family.

This episode is only one rhythm of her life. We look forward to hearing in future the titled name Dr. Thannaporn Taweepattanangkul as a successful doctor who can be appreciated for the work she does.

This is the essence we want to emphasize: “Education may not be all things in life. But we cannot deny that education is fundamental in determining the quality of life in the future”.

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  • I agreen in the statement “Education may not be all things in life. But we cannot deny that education is fundamental in determining the quality of life in the future”.

    Good luck Thannaporn


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