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The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) was established in April 1988 with financing from the Government of Japan. The objective of the program is to provide an opportunity for well qualified citizens of the Bank’s Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to undertake postgraduate studies which will assist the economic and social development of their countries.


Citizens of developing member countries of the Bank who have a minimum of two years’ working experience and who are eligible for admission to the following degree programs at the University of Sydney:

  • Master of Economics
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Transport Management
  • Master of International Public Health
  • Master of Engineering

*Please note that applicants living or working outside their home country are not eligible for this scholarship. Also, no applicant will be allowed to apply for the ADB-JSP scholarship more than two times.


The scholarship applicants must

  • Lodge a separate application for admission to one of the above degrees using a University of Sydney application form, as well as completing the ADB-JSP application form.
  • Have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university with above average grades (eg GPA of 3 out of 4 or First Class Pass or First Class Honours.
  • Have a four year Engineering degree with above average grades from a recognized university, if applying for the Master of Engineering.
  • Provide evidence of two years work experience and the latest income tax return (an official letter from an employer may be accepted in cases where an income tax return is not available).

The University of Sydney Application Processing Fee (APF) will be waived if you lodge your ADB-JSP application form together with your admission to the University application form.

Your ADB-JSP application will only be considered, if you receive an official offer of admission to one of the above degree programs prior to the ADB-JSP application deadline. If your entry is subject to English language proficiency or academic documention, you must provide all required documents before the ADB-JSP scholarship deadline.

ADB-JSP Application deadlines

  • Closing date for courses starting in March 2010 is 31 May 2009.
  • Closing date for courses starting in July 2010 is 30 November 2009.


  • Full tuition fees
  • An allowance for books and instructional materials
  • A monthly living allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel expenses.

*For scholars engaged in research, a special grant may be applied to assist in field work and thesis preparation.


  • Applicants with less than two years of work experience will not be selected.
  • Preference to women candidates.
  • Preference to applicants with lesser financial capacity.
  • The Program will, in principle, not support applicants who have previously studied abroad.
  • The Program will, in principle, not support applicants who are pursuing a second master’s degree or a second doctorate degree.
  • Candidates who are applying in a participating academic institution in their own country may not be selected.
  • Diversification of nationality in the overall Program as well as at each participating academic institution will be considered.

Duration of scholarship

The scholarship period is one year. An appropriate extension for the second or third year of study is conditional on the scholar’s maintaining a satisfactory level of performance.

ADB-JSP application form can be downloaded at (

For further information you may contact:

International Office
The University of Sydney

Phone – +61 2 8627 8302
Fax – +61 2 8627 8387
Email –



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