9th Career Fair at Phuket Vocational Collage

February 16th , 2010 at 6 p.m., Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, the Vice Governor of Phuket, went to presided over the grand opening of the 9th Phuket Vocational Collage Career Fair in the area of Phuket Vocational Collage.

The career fair was held under the slogan “Vocational Education Develops Career” which aims to test career standard of the students, to give the students opportunity to show their products, and to give career suggestion to the secondary and high school students who want to study in PVC. He additionally mentioned that the collage will provide the education for the undergraduate level soon.

In the event area, there were exhibitions of students’ products, certificate giving to the outstanding students, profession skill competitions, science projects and innovations, performances and entertaining shows. Apart from these, there was the exhibition about self sufficient following the King Bhumipol’s philosophy. The event lasts from February 16th -18th ,2010.


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