Women’s boxing will be included at the 2012 London Olympic

The president of the International Olympic Committee announced on Thursday that women’s boxing will be included in the coming 2012 Olympic.

During 2-day IOC Executive Board Meeting in Berlin, the decision came out, but golf and rugby are postponed for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Games.

IOC President, Jacques Rogge told reporters that it’s a great decision to include women’s boxing. The sport of women’s boxing has progressed a lot, a tremendous amount, in the last five years and it was about time to include them in Olympic Games.

Women will compete in the flyweight 48-51kg class, lightweight 56-60kg and middleweight 69-75kg, the agency said.

After the committee cut baseball and softball out of the Games in 2012, the IOC starts to add more new sports from baseball, softball, squash, karate, roller sports, golf, and rugby. But lastly golf and rugby were listed.

Sauce: CNN, BBC


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