Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ Triathlon 2015

Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ Triathlon 2015

Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ Triathlon 2015
Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ Triathlon 2015

Thanyapura held a successful SUPERKIDZ Triathlon 2015 recently with over 180 participants from Sweden, New Zealand, Netherland, American, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Australia, UK, Germany, etc. The objective of the SUPERKIDZ series of events is to prepare the participants for the International Junior Challenge held later this year.

“We have held SUPERKIDS events for the third year in a row and have received great response over the years with increased number of participants and growing interest in the triathlon sports. The children did great today and hope they continuously keep on training and come back for the Junior Challenge race in November.” says Thanyapura Executive Chairman Chris McCormack.

For those who want to give a try at triathlon racing, Thanyapura organizes the next Fun Friday Aquathlon on May 29 at 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

The result of this year is:

Age Groups

Junior (6, 7-8 yrs): Swim 50m + Bike 3km + Run 500m

6 yrs


  1. Smirnov Aleksandr
  2. Lapassapon Heras Gomez
  3. Thanayot Chaikasetsin


  1. Thanwarat Phramthong
  2. Yulia Shevchuk
  3. Anna Dermina

7-8 yrs


  1. Victor Ake Viktorsson
  2. Winthakorn Chaic
  3. Tama Williamson


  1. Sasha Simkallova
  2. Sienna Mccormack
  3. Daria Kudrina

Intermediate (9-10, 11-12 yrs): Swim150m + Bike 6km+ Run 1500m

9-10 yrs


  1. Siam Yapp
  2. Tamino Lokenberg
  3. Jack Breit


  1. Natalie Hunter
  2. Iseli Rawa
  3. Bliss Wang

11-12 yrs


  1. Ben Mcmillan
  2. Matthew Trott
  3. Prin Oapirat


  1. Chloe Schrijnemaekers
  2. Maxime Schrijnemaekers
  3. Rin Chawaldit

Senior (13-14, 15-18 yrs): Swim 300m + Bike12km + Run 3000m

13-14 yrs


  1. Sahino Czar L. Manglicmot
  2. Oliver Trott
  3. Sai Chawaldit


  1. Sam Mcinnes
  2. Yudmanee Sumanee

15-18 yrs


  1. Caleb Sadler
  2. Bret Izzo



Team Junior 6-8

  1. DLA
  2. Korea Blue Dragon
  3. Sweet Banana

Team Intermediate 9-12

  1. Panther Boy Stowe

Team Senior 13-18

  1. Born Free To Run Super Fast
  2. Cham FC
  3. SKY
  4. 3 monkeys

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