PPAO held a sports competition between its schools in Phuket

On July 20th 2010, at Surakul Stadium, Paiboon Upattising, the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization or PPAO, presided over the opening ceremony of a sport competition between students from schools under the supervision of PPAO. The competition was held in order to create good relations among students and teachers from different PPAO schools and to promote students to play sports.

There were 3 kind of sports in the competition including petanque (throwing metal balls to target), footsal (smaller football games), and sepak takraw (kick volleyball with rattan ball). The three sports were played on July 15th- 16th. There was also an athletics competition on July 20th. The student winners of each sport will be Phuket representatives to join the Southern Local Administrative Organization Student Sport Competition 2010.


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