Phuket to hold International Taekwondo Competition

Phuket to hold International Taekwondo Competition

Phuket to hold International Taekwondo Competition

Mr.Chetwit Tantipanwadee of Phuket Sports Association and Mr.Che Yong Suk – Coach of the Thai taekwondo team recently got together to discuss Phuket’s first ever international taekwondo competition, which is to be held in January 2013 and will feature 2,000 competitors from 12 countries around the world.

“Mr.Che Yong Suk came to help coordinate the hotel accommodation for the athletes. Phuket is a tourist city which can support and accommodate tourists and athletes. However, as this event is being held in January during the high season, we need to be prepared early” Mr.Chetwit said.

Mr.Chetwit added “I think sporting events can bring a lot of people to Phuket. This event will have over 2,000 competitors, and we estimate more than 4000 people will attend. We are now trying to seek help from relevant government and private agencies. I hope this will be a good start for what we hope will be an annual sporting event, which we may call something like “Yong Suk Villas Phuket Open “.

Mr.Che Yong Suk said that “In the past taekwondo competitions have been held in Bangkok only as Bangkok has 70 to 80 percent of the Thai athletes. But Phuket now has a number of athletes who are excelling, and that’s why I really want to hold a Taekwondo competition in Phuket. For this competition we will try to invite players from 10 or more other nations to join the competition.”

Mr.Che Yong Suk ask for cooperation from Phuket people “I would like to ask for help from Phuket people and Phuket organizations as January is during the high season and hotels, flights, etc will be more expensive and harder to find. Therefore, the event will require a lot of help from Phuket “.



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