PTL 2020 Masters Championship – Official Court Visit

PTL 2020 Masters Championship – Official Court Visit

Khun Damrong Chaisena, Director of The Sports Authority Thailand (SAT) in Phuket and his team as well as Khun Tuu from The Sport Association of Phuket, and the representatives of Phuket Tennis League have met at Thanyapura Sports Centre on Sunday 28th February 2021:

The official visit of the tennis facilities at Thanyapura Sports Centre was to acknowledge the organisation and closing ceremony of the PTL Masters Championship Premier Edition, where Winners and Runners up were awarded a total of 250,000 THB in prizes and 20,000 THB in cash. One of the most rewarding annual sports competitions in Phuket.

The promotion of the PTL Player Pass (Card) inviting all tennis players in Phuket and Southern Thailand to sign up for the league’s match-making program leading to the next PTL Masters Championship in December 2021, as well as the access to a wide range of exclusive benefits provided by PTL partners, such as complimentary tennis balls, health check-ups, whole body cryotherapy at -110° and up to 50% on court rental fees, up to 20% for 1h private tennis lesson from PTL Coaches Partner

The Official PTL Court Certificate for year 2021 was also handed over by PTL’s curator, David Martin, to the tennis crew at Thanyapura Sports Centre. The same tennis team who has set up exclusive weekly training sessions for the PTL Players twice a week. The specific trainings are organised by category level (Open League A and B) and became quite popular among the tennis players of the league for the curated improvements it provides.
More support to the tennis community is coming our ways !

Thank you to Thanyapura Sports Center, Sports Authority of Thailand and The Sport Association in Phuket for this fruitful partnership.


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